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A list of renowned male individual superheroes, who have either had comic books, television shows, movies, action figures or all of the above produced about them.

  • A
    Adam Warlock (Marvel) 
    Anarchist (Marvel) 
    Angel (Angel TV series) 
    Ant-Man (Marvel) 
    Apollo (Wildstorm) 
    Angel (X-man) (Marvel) 
    Aqualad (DC) 
    Aquaman (DC) 
    Astro Boy 
    Atom (DC) 
    Atom Ant 

  • B
    Balder (Marvel) 
    Banshee (Marvel) 
    Barnacle Boy (SpongeBob SquarePants) 
    Bartman (the Simpsons) 
    Batman (DC) 
    Beak (Marvel) 
    Beast (Marvel) 
    Beast Boy (DC) 
    Beta Ray Bill (Marvel) 
    Big Red (DC) 
    The Bionic Man 
    Bishop (Marvel) 
    Black Bolt (Marvel) 
    Black Knight (Marvel) 
    Black Panther (Marvel) 
    Blade (Marvel) 
    The Boy Sanga (The Sanga Team) 
    Brain the dog 
    Bucky (Marvel) 

  • C
    Cable (Marvel) 
    Cannonball (Marvel) 
    Captain America (Marvel) 
    Captain Atom (DC) 
    Captain Barbell (Kampeon Komiks/Filipino Superhero) 
    Captain Britain (Marvel) 
    Captain Comet (DC) 
    Captain Crandall (Teamo Supremo) 
    Captain Marvel (various) 
    Captain N: The Game Master 
    Captain Napalm (see Calvin and Hobbes) 
    Captain Planet 
    Captain Ultra (Marvel) 
    Captain Universe (Marvel) 
    Captain Video (early television superhero, played by Don Hastings) 
    Chamber (Marvel) 
    Changeling (Marvel) 
    El Chapul�n Colorado 
    Chuck Bodgers 
    Cleft, the Boy Chin Wonder (the Fairly OddParents) 
    Cloak (Marvel) 
    Colossus (Marvel) 
    Comet Man (Marvel) 
    Corsair (Marvel) 
    Cosmic Boy (DC) 
    Crimson Chin 
    Cyborg (DC) 
    Cyclops (Marvel) 
    Cypher (Marvel) 

  • D
    Daimon Hellstrom (Marvel) 
    Danny Phantom 
    Dash, son of Mr. Incredible & Elastigirl and brother of Violet and Jack-Jack 
    Daredevil (Lev Gleason Publications) 
    Daredevil (Marvel) 
    Darkhawk (Marvel) 
    Deadman (DC) 
    Deathlok (Marvel) 
    Doctor Fate (DC) 
    Doctor Spectrum (Marvel) 
    Doctor Strange (Marvel) 
    Doctor Solar (Gold Key) 
    The Drummer (Wildstorm) 
    Dynamo (Transformers) 

  • E
    Elijah Snow (Wildstorm) 
    Elixir (Marvel) 
    Elongated Man (DC) 

  • F
    Falcon (Marvel) 
    Fantomex (Marvel) 
    Firestorm (DC) 
    Flaming Carrot 
    Flash (DC) 
    Flash Bomba (Klasiks Magasin/Filipino Superhero) 
    Flash Gordon 
    Forge (Marvel) 
    Franklin Richards (Marvel) 
    Frozone (The Incredibles) 

  • G
    Gambit (Marvel) 
    Gateway (comics) (Marvel) 
    Ghost Rider (Marvel) 
    The Green Hornet 
    Green Arrow (DC) 
    Green Lantern (DC) 
    Guardian (Marvel) 

  • H
    Hardcase (Malibu) 
    Havok (Marvel) 
    Hawkeye (Marvel) 
    Hawkman (DC) 
    Hellboy (Dark Horse) 
    Hellion (Marvel) 
    Henry Pym, aliases: Ant Man, Yellow Jacket, Giant Man, Goliath (Marvel) 
    Hot Spot, a fiery hero from the Teen Titans (Marvel) 
    Human Torch (Marvel) 
    Hyperion (Squadron Supreme) 

  • I
    Ice Man (Marvel) 
    Icarus (Marvel) 
    Infra-Man (Jung-Gwok chiu-yan) 
    Iron Man (Marvel) 

  • J
    Jack-Jack Parr (from The Incredibles movie)
    Jake Foley from Jake 2.0 
    Jake Long the 'American Dragon' 
    Jonathin Quackup (Raytoons) 
    Juggernaut {Marvel) 
    Justice (Marvel) 

  • K
    Karate Kid (DC) 
    Karmatron (�Ka-Boom! Estudio) 
    Krunk Dexter's Laboratory 
    Kylun (Marvel) 

  • L
    Larry Boy 
    Lastikman (Mango Comics) 
    Lightning Lad (DC) 
    Longshot (Marvel) 
    Luke Cage (Marvel) 

  • M
    Maggott (Marvel) 
    Magnus (Gold Key) 
    Major Mapleleaf (Marvel) 
    Mark Starks' Martian 
    Martian Manhunter (DC) 
    M�s y Menos, Spanish-speaking twin brothers in the Teen Titans series 
    Major Glory (Dexter's Laboratory) 
    Matter-Eater Lad (DC) 
    Mega Man 
    Mermaid Man (SpongeBob SquarePants) 
    Midnighter (Wildstorm) 
    Mighty Mouse 
    Mimic (Marvel) 
    Mister Fantastic (Marvel) 
    Mr. Incredible (of The Incredibles movie)
    Mister Majestic (Wildstorm) 
    Multiple Man (Marvel) 

  • N
    Namor the Sub-Mariner (Marvel) 
    Nightwing (DC) 
    Northstar (Marvel) 

  • O
    Obsidian (DC) 

  • P
    Paperinik (Disney) 
    Pete Wisdom (Marvel) 
    The Phantom 
    Phantom Stranger 
    Plastic Man (DC) 
    Prime (Malibu) 
    Professor X (Marvel) 
    Prodigy (Marvel) 
    Puck (Marvel) 

  • Q
    Quasar (Marvel) 
    The Question (DC) 
    Quicksilver (Marvel) 

  • R
    Red Tornado (DC) 
    Red X, a sometimes heroic character who is Robin's alter-ego 
    Robin (DC) 
    Rockman (Japanese name for Mega Man) 
    Rockslide (Marvel) 
    Rusty Collins (Marvel) 

  • S
    Sange (Viz) 
    Sasquatch (Marvel) 
    Shaktiman (Indian TV Series Character) 
    Shaman (Marvel) 
    Shatterstar (Marvel) 
    Silver Surfer (Marvel) 
    Slim Goodbody 
    Slipstream (Marvel) 
    Spider-Man (Marvel) 
    Static (DC) 
    Strong Guy (Marvel) 
    Stupendous Man (see Calvin and Hobbes) 
    Sun Boy (DC) 
    Sunspot (Marvel) 
    Superargo (Superargo contro Diabolikus) 
    Superboy (DC) 
    Super Goof (Disney) 
    Superman (DC) 
    Supersonic Man (Supersonic Man) 
    Swordsman (Marvel) 

  • T
    Tag (Marvel) 
    Thermoman (see My Hero) 
    Thing (Marvel) 
    The Tick 
    Thor (Marvel) 
    Thunderbird (Marvel) 
    Thunderpunch (Transformers) 

  • U
    Gary Concord, the Ultra-Man (DC) 
    USAgent (Marvel) 

  • V
    Val Hallan (Dexter's Laboratory) 
    Vision (Marvel) 

  • W
    Warlock, member of the New Mutants (Marvel) 
    Warpath (Marvel) 
    Wild Child (Marvel) 
    Wildebeest (DC) 
    Wither (Marvel) 
    Wolverine (Marvel) 

  • X
    X-Man (Marvel) 
    Xorn (Marvel) 

  • Z

Names of BLACK Superheroes here

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