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Chanda moon
Chadna love
Chahana desire, affection
Chaitanya consciousness
Chaitali born in the month of Chaitra
Chakori a bird enamoured of the moon
Chameli jasmine
Champa a flower
Champabati the capital
Champakali a bud of champa
Champakavathi owner of champak trees
Champamalini garland of champa flower
Champika little champa flower
Chanasya delighting
Chanchala restless
Chandalini glorious
Chandana sandalwood
Chandani a river
Chandanika diminutive
Chandika diminutive of Chandana
Chandni moonlit
Chandrabali Krishna's girl-friend
Chandrabhaga river Chenab
Chandrabindu crescent moon
Chandraja daughter of the moon
Chandrakala moonbeams
Chandrakin a peacock
Chandraleksha a ray of the moon
Chandrani wife of the moon
Chandramathi as beautiful as the moon
Chandramukhi as beautiful as the moon
Chandratara the moon and the stars conjoined
Chandravathi lit by the moon
Chandrima the moon
Chandrika moonlight
Changuna a good woman
Chapala restless; lighting
Charita good
Charulata beautiful
Charumati beautiful
Charusila beautiful jewel
Charuprabha beautiful
Charusheela a jewel
Charvi a beautiful woman
Chatura clever
Charitra history
Chhabi picture
Chhaya shadow
Chayana moon
Chellam pampered
Chetana intelligence
Chimayi blissful
Chintan meditation
Chintana meditation
Chintanika meditation
Chiti love
Chitkala knowledge
Chitra picture; a stat; name of a river
Chitralekha beautiful design; a celestial maiden
Chitrali a row of pictures
Chitramala series of pictures
Chitramaya worldly illusion
Chitrangada one of Arjuna's wives
Chitrani the river
Chitrarathi with a bright chariot
Chitrarekha picture
Chitrita picturesque
Chumban kiss


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