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Ibha elephant
Idhika another name for Parvathi
Idhitri one who praises
Iha the earth
Ihina enthusiasm
Ihitha desired
Iksha sight
Ikshana sight
Ikshitha visible
Ikshu sugarcane
Ila wife of the Sage Manu; the earth; water
Ilampirai young crescent
Ilavalagi young and beautiful
Ilavenil spring, youthful
Ilisha queen of the earth
Ina mother
Inayat kindness
Indira Goddess Lakshmi
Indiya knowledgeable
Indrani wife of Lord Indra
Indrasena daughter of King Nala
Indratha power and dignity of Indra
Indrayani the name of a sacred river
Indukala digit of the moon
Induleksh the moon
Indumati the full moon
Induja Narmada river
Inika little earth
Iniya sweet
Inkurali sweet voice
Ipsa desire
Ipsita desired
Ira earth; muse
Iraja daughter of the wind
Iravati the river Ravi
Isai music
Isha one who protects
Ishana rich
Ishani Parvati, wife of Lord Shiva
Ishanika belonging to the north east
Ishanya north east
Ishika paint brush
Ishita mastery; wealth
Ishrat affection
Ishwari goddess
Ivy a creeper
Iyalisai music


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