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Names meaning "SMALL", "LITTLE", "TINY"


  Name Meaning Origin
Adan: little fire (Irish)
Adeen: little fire (Irish)
Adva: small wave, ripple (Hebrew)
Aednat:  little fire  (Irish)
Ahana:  from the little ford  (Irish)
Aiko:  little love; beloved  (Japanese)
Aithne:  little fire  (Celtic)
Aleda:  small and winged  (Spanish)
Alida:  small, winged  (Latin)
Allison: little; truthful (Irish Gaelic)
Armida:  little armed one  (Latin)
Amorette:  little love  (French)
Angeletta: little angel (French)
Anima: minuteness (Sanskrit)
Anneke:  little Ann; charming; favour; grace (Scandinavian)
Armida: little armed one (Latin)
Ayashe:  little one (Cheyenne)
Ayita:  little one  (Sioux)
Balbina: little; little stutterer  (Latin)
Bambi: little child; bambino  (Italian)
Barran: little top (Irish)
Belita: little beauty  (Spanish)
Berry: small fruit (English)
Bonita: pretty little one (Spanish)
Brenna:   little tears; raven-haired (Irish/Gaelic)
Brooke: small stream (Old English)
Brunella: little one with brown hair (Old French)
Bryony:  vine with small blossoms  (Greek)
Brynn:  small hill  (Welsh)
Bunny: little rabbit (English)
  Callula: small (Latin)
  Cantara: little bridge (Arabic)
  Capeka:  little stork  (Czech)
  Carina:  dear little one  (Latin)
  Carlin: little champion  (Gaelic)
  Carlotta:   petite, feminine (French)
  Carly:  little, womanly  (Latin)
  Carolena: little and womanly  (Italian)
  Cashlin: little castle  (Irish)
  Charla:  petite and feminine unknown
  Charlene:  small beauty  (French)
  Charlotte:  petite and feminine & womanly (French)
  Charmian:  a little joy  (Greek)
  Cheche:  small thing  (African)
  Chica: pet name meaning little girl (Spanish)
  Chiquita:  the little one  (Spanish)
  Chiumo: small (Mwera)
  Cihuaton:  little woman  (Nahuatl)
  Cinderella: little ashes (Literature)
  Ciquala: little one (Dakota)
  Clarice: the little brilliant one (French/Latin)
  Codruta:   little girl from the woods (Romanian)
  Coral:  small stone (Latin)
  Coralie:  little maiden, womanly (French)
  Corette:  little maiden  (French)
  Cosette: little pet (French)
  Courtney: short nose (English)
  Crofton: town with a small enclosed field (Old English)
  Damita:  little noble; little princess (Spanish)
  Darlene:  little darling; tenderly beloved (English)
  Darra: small great one; riches (Gaelic/Farsi)
  Davina: little deer  (Hebrew)
Demi:  half, small  (French) 
Devika:  little goddess  (Sanskrit)
Devin: little black one (English, Irish)
Eerin: small grey owl (Aboriginal)
Elita: the little winged one, or the chosen one (Old French)
Elitsa: small pine (tree) (Slavic)
Ellette:  little elf  (Anglo-Saxon)
Enya:  little fire (Irish)
Eshne: little fire (Irish Gaelic)
Fayette: little fairy (Old French)
Fiametta: little fiery one (Italian)
Fleurette: little flower (French)
Gretchen:  little pearl  (German)
Halette:  little Hal  (French)
Hansika: small swan  (Hindu)
Heide: little Miss (German/Swiss)
Isleta:  little island  (Spanish)
Izellah:  little princess  unknown
Jaala: ascending; little doe or goat (Biblical)
Jacquenette:  little Jacques (French)
Janelle:  God is Gracious, little Jane (French)
Jemima: Dove, little dove (Hebrew)
Jenna:  little bird  (Arabic)
Jicarilla:  little basket weaver (Spanish)
Jonina: little dove (Israeli)
  Kabibe:  little lady  (African)
  Kanara: little bird, canary (Hebrew)
  Kanene:  a little thing in the eye is big  (African)
  Karina:  dear little one  (Scandinavian)
  Kataniya: small  (Hebrew)
  Kaya:  my elder sister, little  (American Indian)
  Keaira:  little dark one (Celtic/Gaelic)
  Khatiti:  tiny, little  (Kenya)
  Kiara:  small, dark  (Celtic/Gaelic)
  Kibibi:  little lady  (Swahili)
  Kierna:  little dark haired one  (Irish)
  Kitty:  little cat  (Greek)
  Koemi: little smile (Japanese)
  Kohana: little flower (Japanese)
  Lassie: little girl (Middle English)
  Logan: little hollow (Scottish Gaelic)
  Lovette:  little loved one  (English)
  Lucita: little light (Spanish)
  Luminita:  little light  (Romanian)
  Lunetta:  little moon  (Italian)
  Luvena:  little beloved one  (English)
  Maleah:  unique little girl; beautiful young woman (Hawaiian)
  Manjusha: small box, small chest (Indian)
  Manya: small (Aboriginal)
  Miette:  small sweet thing  (Spanish)
  Miki: small (Inupiaq)
  Mora:  little sweet berry, little blueberry  (Spanish)
  Nina: little girl; great-granddaughter (Spanish/Hebrew)
  Oda: small pointed spear (Norse)
  Odelia:  little, wealthy one  (Anglo-Saxon)
  Ondine: little wave (Latin)
  Pabla:  little  (Spanish)
  Paget: little page (English)
  Paharita:  little bird  (Chamoru)
  Paliki:  little  (Hungarian)
  Paola: little  (Italian)
Paula:  petite  (Latin)
Paulette:  small (Latin)
Paulina: small (Latin)
Paulita:  little  (Spanish)
Pavla:  little (Ukrainian)
Pebbles:  small rocks  (English)
Piera:  small rock  (Italian)
Posy:  small flower  (English)
Prunella:  little plum  (Latin/French)
Rochelle:  little rock  (French)
Rosetta:  little rose  (Italian)
Rosine:  little rose (Latin)
Rubetta:  little precious jewel  (Latin)
Sagira:  little one  (Egyptian)
Sayuri: small lily  (Japanese)
Shanna:  small and wise  (Irish)
Sheshebens:  small duck  (Cheyenne)
Shysie: silent little one (Native American)
Serpa: small piece, fragment (Finnish)
Solita:  little loner  (Spanish) 
Suelita: little lily (Spanish)
  Talitha: little girl or maiden (Biblical name) (Aramaic)
  Tawnie:  little one  (English)
  Teagan:  little poet  (Irish)
  Topsy: name of the little slave girl in Uncle Tom's Cabin (English)
  Trinetta: little innocent (French)
  Tulla:  a little hill  (Irish)
  Tulliola:  little quiet one  (Latin)
  Tully:  little hill  (Latin)
  Umayma:  little mother  (Egyptian)
  Ursula: little she-bear  (Scandinavian)
  Vibeke:  little woman  (Danish)
  Viveca:  little woman  (Scandinavian)
  Viveka: little woman  (German, Swedish)
  Weema: small (Aboriginal)
  Wenche:  little girl  (German)
  Whitley:  a small field  (Old English)
  Xiaoli small and beautiful (Chinese)
  Yazhi:  little one  (Navajo)
  Yoninah:  little dove (Nahuatl)
  Yves:  little archer  (French)
  Zelenka:  little green one  (Czechoslovakian)
  Zita: little girl (Tuscan Italian)

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