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Name Meaning Origin
Abb�n:  little abbot  (Celtic/Irish)
Arno:  little eagle  (French)
Attila: little father (History, Hungarian)
Babak: little father (Persian, Iranian)
Banain:  little blonde one  (Gaelic)
Barran: little top (Irish)
Bassett:  little person  (Old English)
Beagan: small one (Irish/Gaelic)
Bennett:  little blessed one (Latin)
Boris: small; battle glory (Russian, Slavic) 
Brendan:  little raven  (Latin)
Brennan:  little drop  (Irish)
Caligula: little boot  (History)
Carlin:  little champion  (Irish/Gaelic)
Cerin:  little dark one (Gaelic)
Chiumbo: small (Mwera, African)
Ciardubhan:  little black one (Gaelic)
Ciqala:  little one  (Dakota)
Claudius:   little lame one (Latin)
Colman:  little dove  (Columbian)
Cordell small rope  (French)
Coty: small slope  (French)
Crofton: town with a small enclosed field (English)
Cu�n: little wolf, little hound (Irish)
Dalziel: the small field (Scottish/Gaelic)
Dell: small valley (Old English)
Devin:  fawn or little black one (Irish)
Dinky:  of small size; tiny; miniscule; little (English)
Dino:   little sword (Greek)
Donovan little brown, black one (Irish)
Duane/Dwayne: little and dark (Irish/Gaelic)
Egan: little fire  (Gaelic)
Fabron: a little blacksmith (French)
Fagan:  little ardent one (Irish/Gaelic)
Faol�n: little wolf (Irish/Gaelic)
Fech�n: little raven (Irish)
Fishel: little fish (Yiddish)
Gair: small one (Irish/Gaelic)
Galeno little bright one (Spanish)
Gavin:  little hawk  (Welsh)
Giles: small goat (Greek)
Girvin: small rough one (Irish/Gaelic)
Gob�n: little smith  (Irish)
Gorman: small blue-eyed one (Irish/Gaelic)
Guljul little bell  (Old English)
Hackett:  little hacker  (German)
Hahkethomemah:  little robe (Cheyenne)
Hakatan:  little one  (Hebrew)
Hamlet:   from the little home (German)
Hamlin:  the home-lover (French)
Hampton:  little town (English)
Hewitt:  little intelligent one  (Old French)
Honiahaka:  little wolf  (Cheyenne)
Iven:  little archer (French)
Jaafar: small stream  (Arabic)
Joktan: small (Biblical Hebrew)
Jubal: small stream  (Biblical Hebrew)
Junayd: small army, small caravan (Arabic)
Kane: little battler (Gaelic)
Katan:  small  (Hebrew)
Keegan: small flame, ardent (Irish/Gaelic)
Keelan little and slender; small and slim (Irish/Gaelic)
Keller:  little champion  (Gaelic)
Kern little dark one  (Gaelic)
Khatiti:  tiny, little (Kenyan)
Kieran:  small and dark-skinned  (Gaelic)
Kiernan:  little dark haired one (Irish)
Killian:  small and fierce  (Irish/Gaelic)
Kotek:  little cat  (Polish)
Kuckunniwi little wolf (Cheyenne)
Leib:  little lion  (Yiddish)
Lennon:  little cape (Gaelic)
Logan:  from the little hollow (Gaelic)
Loman: small bare one (Irish, Gaelic)
Lorcan little wild one; little fierce one (Irish, Gaelic)
Mainch�n:  little monk  (Irish)
Malin:  little warrior (Old English)
Mannix: little monk (Irish, Gaelic)
Marlon:  little falcon  (French)
Marmion:  small one (French)
Maslin:  little Thomas  (French)
Mellen: small pleasant one (Irish, Gaelic)
Miki: little (Inupiaq)
Munchin: little monk (Irish, Gaelic)
Nevan:  little saint  (Irish)
Nizar: to be little (Arabic)
Ois�n: little deer (Irish)
Orson:  little bear  (French)
Pablo:  small  (Latin)
Parkin:  little rock  (Old English)
Paulino:  little (Portuguese)
Poul:  little (Danish)
Renny:  small, but mighty (Gaelic
Robin:  a small, tame bird (Teutonic)
R�n�n:  little seal  (Irish)
R�rd�n: little poet king  (Irish Gaelic)
Roslin: little red-head (Scottish, Gaelic)
Rowan: little red-head (Gaelic)
Russell: little red one (English)
Ryan:  little king; little ruler (Celtic)
Ryanne:  little king (Gaelic)
Scanlon: little trapper (Irish/Gaelic)
Sean�n: little wise person (Irish)
Searlait:  petite  (French)
Shanley: small and ancient (Irish/Gaelic)
Sindri: small, trivial (Old Norse)
Sterling: little star (Middle English)
Sullivan: little dark eye (English)
Sweeney: small hero (Irish/Gaelic)
Teagan:  little poet (Irish)
Tino: small  (Italian)
Tomkin little, small Tom  (Old English)
Tomlin:  little twin (Old English)
Tonraq: a tiny man; a spirit (a ghost) (Inuit)
Torrence: little hills (Irish/Gaelic)
Vachel little cow (French)
Vaughan:  small (Celtic)
Whitfield:  from the small field  (English)
Whitley:  small field  (Anglo-Saxon)

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