Introduction to Dog Agility

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Breeds Involved

Agility trials are open to all dogs, both purebred and mixed breed (with the exception of those sanctioned by the AKC, which restricts trials to purebred dogs only) . Dogs of medium build that come from breeds and/or lines of breeding that have retained their original working abilities tend to be the most successful in agility competitions. However, not only does no one breed dominate agility trials, outstanding individuals of nearly every breed are seen performing well both in local and national events.

Because of the athletic requirements of the sport, dogs that are less agile by nature of conforming to the physical structure typical for their breed are only rarely seen or successful in the forms of the sport conforming to international rules (USDAA and AAC). These dogs can be successful however at the domestic forms requiring less actual physical agility (AKC, UKC and NADAC). This applies primarily to the larger, giant breeds and to some extent the short-legged, long backed breeds.


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