Online Agility Courses

Here are some places you can go to download and print agility courses and exercises.

Special Information

Pages with neat agility information.

  • Agility Equipment
    A nice site with descriptions of how to build your own practice equipment for home.

  • Entry Form Templates
    AKC and UKC entry forms. These allow you to fill everything out on your computer, and can be used for conformation and obedience as well.

  • Agility Forms
    From Agility Ability, a whole collection of forms, scribe sheets, etc.

  • Agility Footwear
    A site for ranking types of shoes for agility.

  • MACH List
    Growing list of dogs that have earned the MACH title.

  • Agility Seminars
    This is a list I am working on that lists people available to do agility seminars. A great way for a club to learn some new ideas, plus make some money!

  • An Agility Christmas
    A little Christmas fun!

  • Agility Tidbits
    The *fun* section of my agility FAQs. Humor and more!


Other Agility Pages

Other general-interest agility webpages.

  • Agility Ability
    The first page I've seen that really rivals the Dogpatch, and it keeps growing everyday!

  • Just for Fun Agility
    A nice page from Dog-Play on training agility at home, with ideas for equipment, including instructions for PVC jumps.