Open Tunnel

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Squash the tunnel to shortest length. Instructor holds dog by collar at the opening of the tunnel. The handler goes to the opposite end of the tunnel and peers inside the tunnel. The handler should be told to make eye contact with dog and then call dog to them. Cookie and big praise when it arrives. Tunnel is gradually lengthened until dog is running full length of tunnel. Those dogs confident with this method then can begin to attempt run bys at a straight tunnel making sure the handler starts well back of the tunnel and gets the dog focused ahead. (Katie Greer)

One way to teach giant breeds on the tunnel is to give a "down" command before the "tunnel" command. He should learn that he has to get into a crouched position if he is going to get into/through the tunnel. Before long, you should be able to drop the "down" command completely and use only the "tunnel" to tell him where (not How!) to go. Just because they are big does not mean that they are dumb! A giant dog in the ring will always be a crowd pleaser if not always a qualifier. (Bonnie Goodfriend)


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