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Slats or No Slats?


Most dogs who train with slats have no problem switching to one without slats. This doesn't work the other way around. However, it is often easier to teach beginners on the one without slats because it looks different from the dog walk and they don't tend to get confused. Planks with no slats tend to warp; the slats may help keep the board from curling. (Chris Miele)

One of the reasons for not using slats on the teeter is that having them there forces the dog to step over them which could alter the performance of the obstacle since the dog needs to be worrying about the pivot point, not the slats. Some dogs will reach their pivot point and be reluctant to move on if they have to reach way ahead to step over the next slat. They really aren't necessary on the low angle ascent planks as long as the equipment is adequately sanded. (Linda Mecklenburg)


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