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Introduction to Dog Agility

If you are new to agility and are wondering what it is all about, or just want some more information, here are some articles on the web that will help you out.

The Agility FAQ
The "official" FAQ on agility from rec.pets.dogs.activites. This can also be found here as the Introduction to Agility.

Agility...A Beardie Sport
Written for Beardie owners, but an excellent article for any newcomer to agility.

Agility is Fun!
History of agility, intro to training, and instructions on making a simple stick-in the ground bar jump.

Getting Started in Agility
A great list of all the most important information for someone just getting into agility.

Agility Presentation

The Sport of Agility

Agility: A Competitive Sport for Dogs and Handlers.

Personal Introduction to Agility


Agility in the News

Every once in awhile, our sport makes it into the papers. Here are links to news articles on the web featuring agility.

Dog Agility Trials
Agility raises funds for library.

Hot Dogs!
Agility in the Campbell Courier.

Dog Days
Agility in the Cupertino Courier.


The Agility FAQs

Okay, so they are not really FAQs, I couldn't think of anything else to call them, and I'm not changing it now! Just about anything you need to know about training and showing in agility is covered in here, with new stuff being added periodically...individual obstacles, showing, problem-solving, the games classes, and much much, more. Also miscellaneous information like jump heights and title abbreviations, flying your dog, and even home-baked treats!

AgilityNet Magazine
This site from England could go in many places on this page, it has so much stuff!! Tons and tons of wonderful articles, on trialing, training, equipment, plus stories, poems, photos and much more!

Behaviour Articles
You'll find a few behaviourarticles at Cheryl May's Dog page.

BAD Advice
Agility training tips from those BAD folks.

Power Paws Articles
Training tips from Nancy Gyes.

Training Weave Poles: The Clicker Method
Excellent online article on using a clicker to train weaves.

Agility Eye Magazine
The agility mag from England. Drop in for some training and competing tips.


Agility Trialing

Tips and hints for showing your dog or putting on a trial.

Useful Agility Stuff
Description of the various jobs for workers and show committee, how to read accumulator sheets, and more.

Lessons From Agility
Helpful hints for newbies.

Hosting a Trial
Emphasis on NADAC and USDAA, but lots of good information from planning, to sample forms and premiums you can use.

How to Put on a Trial
More info on running a trial.

Trial Guide for Novices
Comparison of USDAA, AKC, and NADAC classes for beginners, as well as tips for those new to agility trials.

Your First Trial
More information for those new to agility trials.

To The Trials
From Agility Ability, tons of good information on agility trialing, plus special tips for beginners.

Jump Into Agility
More from Agility Ability. How to Q, motel manners, your first trial, and much more!


Equipment Building

Information on building your own equipment.

Just For Fun Equipment
Instructions on building your own equipment or cheap alternatives.


Miscellaneous Articles

Other good stuff information to know.

Recommendations from competitors on that all-important topic...what shoes to wear! [Currently Unavailable]

Another popular topic...what to put the dog in. [Currently Unavailable]

Agility Commands
List of commands commonly used in agility.

Handling Critique
Some photos and comments on good handling.

Comparison of Organizations
Quick chart comparing the four US organizations.



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