Introduction to Obedience Competition

If you're new to the sport of obedience, here are some links to get you started.


Comprehensive Sites

Here are some excellent sites to visit if you compete in obedience.

  • Dr. P's Dog Training Page
    One of the best pages on the web for dog trainers. Links to all kinds of info online for obedience, protection work, assistance dogs, and more. Includes a great library of articles for all levels of training. A must-visit!
  • ObedienceUK
    Site specifically for obedience competitors in the UK. News, forums, tons of photos, upcoming events, and more!
  • American Dog Trainers Network
    Comprehensive links and a variety of articles on training and more.



There are a number of organizations that sponsor titles and/or competitions in obedience. Here are some links for information.


Training Articles

Links to articles on training high-level obedience.


Trialing Articles

Help when it's time to step in the ring.



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