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A dried plank (like 2" x 12" x 12') that is properly sealed (a couple coats of primer) before painting should not warp very much. (Rose Zontek)

On some of the new teeter designs there is no visible axis for the teeter. The support is underneath the board and there's nothing that indicates to the dog that this plank is different from any other. A common type of base is made of metal, with a piece at the top of the support that is only as wide as the plank that the plank fits into. Flyoffs seem to be much more common on these types of bases, as there is no visual cue to the dog that he is on a teeter. To rectify this, try adding something visual to the support. For example, take a 1" X 2" board, hinge it at the top, and connect it to the base at the corners. One on each side. They resemble miniature A-Frames with the apex pointing directly at the axis of the teeter. (Katie Greer)


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