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Name Origin Meaning
Eamon  Anglo-Saxon  wealthy guardian 
Earl  unknown  nobleman, warrior 
Eaton  Old English  riverside village 
Eban  Hebrew  stone 
Eberhard  Germanic  strong wild boar 
Edan  Celtic  flame, fiery 
Eden  Hebrew  delightful, adornment, paradise 
Edgardo  Old English/French  prosperous warrior 
Edison  English  son of Edward 
Edmond  English  prosperous protector 
Edward  Old English  guardian of prosperity, guardian of the mists 
Edwin  German  prosperous friend, heir's axe 
Egan  Gaelic, Celtic  ardent, little fire 
Egbert  German  sword, famous, shiny 
Egerton  Old English  edge 
Egil  Norwegian, French  the edge or point, a sting 
Egmont  German  weapon, defender 
Egyed  Hungarian  shield bearer 
Einar  Norwegian  warrior, leader 
Eisig  Hebrew  he who laughs 
Ekachakra  Hindu  son of Kashyapa 
Eknath  Hindu  poet, saint 
Elden  Old English  older 
Eldon  Old English  Ella's mound 
Eldridge  Old English  old counsel 
Eldwin  Old German  old friend 
Elek  Hungarian  helper and defender of mankind 
Elgan  Welsh  bright circle 
Eli  Hebrew  elevation 
Elijah  Hebrew  Jehovah is god 
Eliot  Hebrew  hight 
Elkan  Hebrew  he belongs to god 
Ellery  German/Latin  one who lives near the elder tree, cheerful 
Elmar  Old English  famous nobleman 
Elmo  unknown  protector 
Elton  Old English  from the old estate, Ella's town 
Elu  Native American  full of grace 
Elvin  unknown  friend of elves 
Elvis  Anglo-Saxon  all wise, noble friend 
Emanuel  Hebrew  god is with us 
Emerson  Old English  Emery's son 
Emery  German  ruler of work, powerful home 
Emil  Old German  industrious, to emulate 
Emilio  Spanish  winning one or flatterer 
Emir  Arabic  charming prince 
Emmett  English  hard worker, truth 
Emrick  Welsh  immortal 
Enrique  Basque  ruler of an estate 
Ephraim  Hebrew  very fruitful 
Erek  Polish  lovable 
Eric  Scandinavian  ever-powerful 
Ernest  Old German  earnest, vigorous 
Erskine  Gaelic/Old English  dweller of the top of the cliff, green heights 
Eryx  Greek  son of Aphrodite and Poseidon 
Esmond  Old English  protective grace 
Essien  African  sixth-born son 
Esteban  Spanish  crown 
Estes  Latin  estuary 
Ethan  Hebrew/Latin  strong, firm, constant 
Ethel  Hebrew  noble 
Etienne  French   
Eudor  Greek  good gift 
Eugene  Greek  born lucky 
Eugenia  Greek  born lucky 
Euridice  unknown  justice 
Eustace  Greek  fruitful 
Evan  Celtic/Greek  young warrior, well-born 
Evander  Greek  early founder of Rome, benevolent ruler 
Evzen  Czech  of noble birth 
Ewan  Gaelic  well born 
Ewing  Old English  youth 
Ezekiel  Hebrew  strength of God 
Ezio  Hebrew  friend, lover 
Ezra  Hebrew  helper, salvation 

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