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Name Origin Meaning
Oakes  English  from the oak-tree grove 
Oakley  Old English  from the oak meadow 
Obadiah  Hebrew  servant of God 
Obelix  Greek  pillar of strength 
Obiajulu  African  the heart is consoled 
Ochen  Ugandan  one of the twins 
Octavius  Latin  eighth child 
Odön  Hungarian  keeper of the fief 
Oddvar  Norse  the spear's point 
Odell  Old German, Greek, Danish  little wealthy one; ode; otter 
Odil  French  rich 
Odin  Norse  head God in Norse mythology 
Odion  Nigerian  first of twins 
Odon  Hungarian  wealthy protector 
Odysseus  Greek  full of wrath 
Ogden  Old English  from the oak valley 
Ogilvy  Old Scottish  from the high peak 
Oguz  Hungarian  arrow 
Okan  Turkish   
Olaf  Old Norse  talisman, ancestor 
Olcay  Turkish   
Oldrich  Czech  one with riches and power 
Oleg  Slavic  one who is holy 
Oleos  Spanish  holy oil used in church 
Olier  Breton   
Olin  Old English  holly 
Oliver  Old Norse, Latin, Old French  kind one; olive tree, peace 
Omar  Arabic, Hebrew, German  first son, disciple; gifted speaker; famous 
Omarjeet  Hindu   
Ompoly  Hungarian  Ampleumian 
Ond  Hungarian  tenth child 
Onur  Turkish   
Oran  Gaelic, Hebrew  pale one; pine 
Orbán  Hungarian  city dweller, educated man 
Oren  Hebrew, Gaelic  ash-tree, pale; pine tree 
Orion  Latin, Greek  dawn, east; son of fire, the hunter 
Orkény  Hungarian  frightening man 
Orlando  Latin  bright sun 
Orman  Old English  spearman 
Ormos  Hungarian  like a cliff 
Orrin  Greek  mountain 
Ors  Hungarian  man, hero 
Orson  Old English, Latin  spearman's son; bear 
Orville  Old French  from the golden village 
Osaze  Hebrew  favoured by God 
Osbert  Old English  inspired, divine 
Osborne  Hebrew  soldier of God 
Oscar  Old Norse  divine spear 
Osmond  Old English  God protector 
Ossian  Latin  fawn 
Oswald  Old English  divinely powerful 
Oswin  Old English  God friend 
Oszlár  Hungarian   
Otis  Greek, Old German  acute; wealthy 
Ove  Norse  awe, the spear's point 
Ovid  Latin  lamb 
Owen  Old Welsh, Greek  warrior; well born 
Oxford  Old English  from where the oxen ford 
Oz  Hebrew  strength 
Ozan  Turkish   
Ozaner  Turkish   
Ozor  Hungarian  name of an ethnic group 
Ozséb  Hungarian  pious 
Ozsvát  Hungarian  deity, might 

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