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Names of fictional deities in the Forgotten Realms

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The Forgotten Realms is a fictional world created by author and game
of the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game.

Other Powers
Over Power
  • Ao: Over Deity
Greater Powers
  • Akadi: Elemental Air, Movement, Speed, Flying Creatures (N) 
    Bane: Hatred, Tyranny, Fear (LE) 
    Chauntea: Agriculture, Farmers, Gardeners, Summer (NG) 
    Cyric: Murder, Strife, Lies, Intrigue, Deception, Illusion (CE) 
    Grumbar: Elemental Earth, Solidity, Changelessness, Oaths (N) 
    Istishia: Elemental Water, Purification, Wetness (N) 
    Kelemvor: Death, The Dead (LN) 
    Kossuth: Elemental Fire, Purification Through Fire (N) 
    Lathander: Spring, Dawn, Birth, Renewal, Youth, Vitality, Athletics (NG) 
    Mystra: Magic, Spells, The Weave (NG/LN) 
    Oghma: Knowledge, Invention, Inspiration, Bards (N) 
    Shar: Dark, Night, Loss, Forgetfulness, Unrevealed Secrets, Caverns, Dungeons, The Underdark 
    Silvanus: Wild Nature, Druids (N) 
    Sune: Beauty, Love, Passion (CG) 
    Talos: Storms, Destruction, Rebellion, Conflagrations, Earthquakes, Vortices (CE) 
    Tempus: War, Battle, Warriors (CN) 
    Tyr: Justice (LG) 
Intermediate Powers
  • Beshaba: Random mischief, Misfortune, Bad Luck, Accidents (CE) 
    Gond: Artifice, Craft, Construction, Smithwork (N) 
    Helm: Guardians, Protectors, Protection (LN) 
    Ilmater: Endurance, Suffering, Martyrdom, Perseverance (LG) 
    Mielikki: Forest, Forest Creatures, Rangers, Dryads, Autumn (NG) 
    Sel´┐Żne: Moon, Stars, Navigation, Navigators, Wanderers, Seekers, Good Neutral Lycanthropes 
    Tymora: Good Fortune, Skill, Victory, Adventurers, Adventuring (CG) 
    Umberlee: Oceans, Currents, Waves, Sea Winds (CE)

Lesser Powers
  • Auril: Cold, Winter (NE) 
    Azuth: Wizards, Mages, Spellcasters in General (LN) 
    Deneir: Glyphs, Images, Literature, Literacy, Scribes, Cartography (NG) 
    Eldath: Quiet Places, Springs, Pools, Peace, Waterfalls (NG) 
    Lliira: Joy, Happiness, Dance, Festivals, Freedom, Liberty (CG) 
    Loviatar: Pain, Hurt, Agony, Torment, Suffering, Torture (LE) 
    Malar: Hunters, Bloodlust, Evil Lycanthropes, Stalking (CE) 
    Mask: Thieves, Thievery, Shadows (NE) 
    Milil: Poetry, Song, Eloquence (NG) 
    Shaundakul: Travel, Exploration, Caravans, Portals (CN) 
    Talona: Disease, Poison (CE) 
    Torm: Duty, Loyalty, Obedience, Paladins (LG) 
    Uthgar: Uthgardt Barbarian Tribes, Physical Strength (CN) 
    Waukeen: Trade, Money, Wealth (N) 
  • Finder Wyvernspur: Cycle of life, Transformation of Art, Saurials (CN) 
    Garagos: War, Skill-at-Arms, Destruction, Plunder (CN) 
    Gargauth: Betrayal, Cruelty, Political Corruption, Powerbrokers (LE) 
    Gwaeron Windstrom: Tracking, Rangers of the North (NG) 
    Hoar: Revenge, Retribution, Poetic Justice (LN) 
    Jergal: Fatalism, Proper Burial, Guardians of Tombs (LN) 
    Lurue: Talking Beasts and Intelligent Animals (CG) 
    Nobanion: Royalty, Lions and Feline Beasts, Good Beasts (LG) 
    Red Knight: Strategy, Planning, Tactics (LN) 
    Savras: Divination, Fate, Truth (LN) 
    Sharess: Hedonism, Festhalls, Cats (CG) 
    Shiallia: Woodland Glades, Woodland Fertility (NG) 
    Siamorphe: Nobles, Rightful Rule of Nobles, Human Royalty (LG) 
    Ulutiu: Glaciers, Polar Environments, Arctic Dwellers (LN) 
    Valkur: Sailors, Ships, Favourable Winds, Naval Combat (CG) 
    Velsharoon: Necromancy, Evil Liches, Undeath (NE) 
Racial Powers
Beholder Powers
  • Great Mother: Fertility, Tyranny

  • Gzemnid: Gases, Fogs, Obscurement, Deception

  • Bugbear Powers

  • Hruggek: Violence Combat 

  • Grankul: Hunting, Senses, Surprise

  • Skiggaret: Fear

  • Dragon Powers

  • Asgorath 

  • Zorquan 

  • Xymor 

  • Astilabor Haordmistress 

  • Hlal the Jester 

  • Bahamut 

  • Tiamat 

Drow Powers
  • Lolth (aka Lloth): Chaos, Spiders, Evil, Darkness, Rotting Death, Decay, Corruption 

  • Eilistraee: Song, Dance, Sword-work, Hunting 

  • Kiaransalee: Undead, Vengeance (and, arguably, insanity, as her followers border on schizophrenia, paranoia and many have obsessive-compulsive tendencies) 

  • Ghaunadaur: Oozes, Slimes, Jellies, Outcasts, Rebels, All things Subterranean 

  • Vhaeraun: Thievery, Territory

  • Shevarash: Hatred of Drows, Vengeance, Retribution 

Dwarven Powers
  • Abbathor: Greed (NE)

  • Berronar Truesilver: Safety, Honesty, Home, Healing, Faithfulness, Loyalty, Oaths (LG) 

  • Clangeddin Silverbeard: Battle, Valour, War, Bravery, Honour in Battle (LG) 

  • Dugmaren Brightmantle: Scholarship, Discovery, Invention (CG) 

  • Dumathoin: Mining, Shield Dwarves, Exploration, Ores, Gems, Buried Wealth (N)

  • Gorm Gulthyn: Defence, Watchfulness (LG) 

  • Haela Brightaxe: Luck in Battle, Joy of Battle, Dwarven Adventurers (CG) 

  • Marthammor Duin: Guides, Explorers, Travellers, Lightning (NG) 

  • Moradin: Creation, Smithing, Protection, Metalcraft, Stonework (LG) 

  • Sharindlar: Healing, Mercy, Romantic Love, Fertility, Dancing, The Moon (CG)

  • Thard Harr: Wild Dwarves, Jungle Survival, Hunting (CG) 

  • Vergadain: Wealth, Luck, Chance, Suspicion, Trickery, Negotiation, Cunning (N) 

Elven Powers
  • Aerdrie Faenya: Air, Weather, Avians, Rain, Fertility, Avariels (CG) 
  • Angharradh: Spring, Fertility, Planting, Birth, Defence, Wisdom (CG)
  • Corellon Larethian: Arts, Crafts, Music, War, Magic, Poetry, Bards, Warriors, Elves (CG) 
  • Deep Sashelas: Oceans, Sea Elves, Creation, Knowledge (CG) 
  • Erevan Ilesere: Mischief, Change, Rogues (CN)
  • Fenmarel Mestarine: Feral Elves, Scapegoats, Outcasts, Isolation (CN) 
  • Hanali Celanil: Love, Romance, Beauty, Enchantments, Fine Art (CG) 
  • Labelas Enoreth: Time, Longevity, History, Moment of Choice (CG) 
  • Rillifane Rallathil: Woodlands, Nature, Wild Elves, Druids (CG) 
  • Sehanine Moonbow: Mysticism, Dreams, Journeys, Death, Transcendence, Moon & Stars (CG) 
  • Shevarash: Hatred of the Drow, Crusades, Loss, Vengeance (CN) 
  • Solonor Thelandira: Archery, Hunting, Wilderness Survival (CG) 
Faerie Powers
  • Titania: Faerie Folk and Realms, Friendship 

  • Oberon: Nature, Wild Places, Animals 

  • Caolmhin: Food, Shy Friendship 

  • Damh: Dance Songs, Celebrations 

  • Eachthighern: Healing, Loyalty, Protection 

  • Emmantiensien: Treants, Trees 

  • Fionnghuala: Swanmays, Communications, Sorority 

  • Nathair Sgiathach: Mischief, Pranks 

  • Skerrit: Community, Natural Balances

  • Squelaiche: Trickery, Illusions 

  • Verenestra: Female Faeries, Charm, Beauty

  • Queen of Air and Darkness: Darkness, Murder, Illusions

Giant Powers
  • Grond Peaksmasher Annam: Knowledge, Fertility, Philosophy 
  • Stronmaus: Sun, Sky, Weather, Joy 
  • Hiatea: Nature, Agriculture, Hunting, Females, Children 
  • Grolantor: Hunting, Combat 
  • Iallanis: Love, Mercy, Beauty 
  • Karantor: Deformity, Hatred, Beasts 
  • Memnor: Pride, Mental Prowess, Control 
  • Skoraeus: Stone Giants 
Gnome Powers
  • Baervan Wildwanderer: Forests, Travel, Nature (NG) 

  • Baravar Cloakshadow: Illusions, Wards, Deception, Traps (NG) 

  • Callarduran Smoothhands: Stone, Mining, The Underdark (N) 

  • Flandal Steelskin: Mining, Smithing, Physical Fitness, Metalworking (NG) 

  • Gaerdal Ironhand: Vigilance, Combat, Martial Defence (LG) 

  • Garl Glittergold: Protection, Humor, Trickery, Gemcutting (LG) 

  • Segojan Earthcaller: Earth, Nature, The Dead (NG) 

  • Urdlen: Greed, Bloodlust, Evil, Hatred (CE) 

Goblin Powers
  • Maglubiyet: War, Rulership 
  • Khurgorbaeyag: Slavery, Oppression, Morale 
  • Nomog-Geaya: War, Authority
  • Bagrivyek: Co-operation, Territory 
Goblinoid Powers
  • Kuraulyek: Urds 

  • Meriadar: Patience, Meditation, Tolerance, Arts, and Crafts 

  • Stalker: Hate, Death, Cold 

Halfling Powers
  • Arvoreen: Defence, Vigilance, War, Duty (LG) 
  • Brandobaris: Stealth, Thievery, Adventuring (N) 
  • Cyrrollalee: Friendship, Trust, The Hearth, Hospitality, Crafts (LG) 
  • Sheela Peryroyl: Nature, Agriculture, Weather, Song, Dance, Beauty, Romantic Love (N) 
  • Urogalan: Earth, Death, Protection of the Dead (LN)
  • Yondalla: Protection, Bounty, Children, Security, Leadership, Wisom, Tradition (LG)
Interloper Powers
  • Baphomet: Minotaurs, Battle 

  • Kostchtchie: Strength, Violence 

  • Vaprak: Combat, Greed 

  • Yeenoghu: Ghouls, Gnolls, Paralysis 

  • Gorellik: Hunting, Hyenas, Hyenadons 

  • Orcus: Undead, Necromancers, Revenge 

Kobold Powers
  • Kurtlmak: War, Mining 
  • Gaknulak: Protection, Stealth, Trickery, Traps 
Myconid Powers
  • Psilofyr: Community, Healing, Philosophy 
Orc Powers
  • Gruumsh One-Eye: War, Territory 

  • Bahgtru: Strength, Combat 

  • Ilneval: Warfare 

  • Luthic: Fertility, Medicine, Servitude 

  • Shargaas: Darkness, Thieves 

  • Yurtrus: Death, Disease 

Scaly Folk Powers
  • Blibdoolpoolp: Darkness, Insanity, Revenge 
  • Laogzed: Eating 
  • Merrshaulk: Poison, Somnolence 
  • Parrafaire: Guardianship 
  • Ramenos: Somolence, Intoxication, Decay 
  • Semuanya: Survival, Propagation 
  • SessInnek: Civilization, Domination
  • Shekinester: Varies with Apects. There are three Aspects Nagas
Other Powers
Dead Powers
  • Amaunator: Bureaucracy, Contracts, Law, Order, The Sun, Rulership

  • Bhaal: Death, Especially violent or ritual death

  • Ibrundul: Caverns, Dungeons, The Underdark, Skulks 

  • Karsus: Hubris

  • Leira: Deception, Illusion 

  • Moander: Rotting death, Decay, Corruption 

  • Myrkul: The Dead, Wasting, Decay, Corruption, Parasites, Old Age, Exhaustion, Dusk, Autumn 

  • Tchazzar: Chessenta a.k.a. Tiamat 

  • Tyche 

  • Iyachtu Xvim: Tyranny, Hatred 

The Dark Powers
  • Cegilune: Larvae, Hags 

  • Kanchelsis: Blood, Debauch, Vampirism 

  • Mellifleur: Lichdom

  • Squerrik: Thievery, Disguise, Concealment 

  • Balador: Werebears, Protection, Fraternity 

  • Ferrix: Play, Curiosity, Hunting

  • Daragor: Marauding Beast, Bloodlusts, Pain

  • Eshabala: Vanity, Charm, Greed, Cunning 

The Lost Gods
  • Ilsensine: Mental Dominion 

  • Maanzecorian: Knowledge, Philosophy 

  • Jubilex, The Dark God: Eternal Darkness, Cold, Decay, Enfeeblement, Paralysis 

Beast Cults
  • The Blue Bear: Demonic cult 

  • The Bright Sword: A Flying Sword 

  • Cult of the Singing Skull: A Floating Talking Skull 

  • The Great Wise Worm: A great Dragon-like creature 

  • Kazgoroth: The Beast of the Moonshae Isles

  • Lurue: Unicorns, Talking Animals & Intelligent Monsters 

  • Nobanion: The Lion God and Guardian of the Wilds 

  • Red Tiger: Hunters in the Coldwood 

  • Tree Ghost: Forest Spirit of the High Forest 

  • Cult of The Dragon: A Secret Society type Cult 

Powers of Sea and Sky
  • Demogorgon: Ixixachitl, Energy Drains, Domination 

  • Eadro: Locathah, Mermen 

  • Jazirian: Community, Peace, Learning, Parenthood 

  • Koriel: Learning, protection, Vigilance against Evil 

  • Panzuriel: Murder, Confusion, Subversion 

  • Persana: Tritons, Architecture

  • Quorlinn: Trickery, Disguise, Thievery 

  • Remnis: Giant Eagles Sky, Service 

  • Sekolah: Plunder, Hunting, Tyranny 

  • Surminare: Selkies, Beauty, Peace 

  • Syranita: Aarakocra, Protection, Watchfulness, Water Lion Stillsong 


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