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Names of fictional deities in the Greyhawk campaign setting of the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game

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Names of fictional deities in the Greyhawk campaign setting
of the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game.


Deities associated with humans
Greater Powers
  • Beory, god of oerth, nature and rain 
  • Boccob, god of magic, arcane knowledge, balance and foresight 
  • Incabulos, god of plagues, sickness, famine, nightmares, drought, and disasters
  • Istus, goddess of fate, destiny, divination, future and honesty 
  • Mictlantecuhtli, god of death, darkness, murder and the underworld 
  • Nerull, god of death, darkness, murder and the underworld
  • Pelor, god of sun, light, strength and healing
  • Quetzalcoatl, god of air, birds and snakes
  • Rao, god of peace, reason and serenity
  • Tezcatlipoca, god of sun, moon, night, scheming, betrayals and lightning 
  • Uvot, god of prosperity 
Intermediate Powers
  • Breeka, goddess of living things 
  • Celestian, god of stars, space and wanderers 
  • Ehlonna, goddess of forests, woodlands, flora & fauna and fertility 
  • Erythnul, god of hate, envy, malice, panic, ugliness and slaughter 
  • Fharlanghn, god of horizons, distance, travel and roads 
  • Heironeous, god of chivalry, justice, honor, war, daring and valor 
  • Hextor, god of war, discord, massacres, conflict, fitness, tyranny 
  • Huhueteotl, god of fire and motion of time 
  • Kord, god of athletics, sports, brawling, strength and courage 
  • Lendor, god of time, tedium, patience and study 
  • Nola, god of the sun 
  • Obad-Hai, god of nature, woodlands, freedom, hunting and beasts 
  • Olidammara, god of music, revels, wine, rogues, humor and tricks 
  • St. Pholtus, god of light, resolution, law and order 
  • Procan, god of seas, sea life, salt, sea weather and navigation 
  • Ralishaz, god of chance, ill luck, misfortune and insanity 
  • St. Cuthbert, god of common sense, wisdom, zeal, honesty, truth and discipline 
  • Tharizdun, god of eternal darkness, decay, entropy, malign knowledge and insanity 
  • Tlaloc, god of rain 
  • Trithereon, god of individuality, liberty, retribution and self-defence
  • Wee Jas, goddess of magic, death, vanity and law 
  • Vogan, god of weather and storms 
  • Zilchus, god of power, prestige, money, business and influence 
Lesser Powers
  • Allitur, god of ethics and propriety 

  • Atroa, goddess of spring, east wind and renewal 

  • Beltar, goddess of malice, caves and pits 

  • Berei, goddess of home, family and agriculture 

  • Berna, goddess of passion and forgiveness

  • Bleredd, god of metal, mines and smiths 

  • Bralm, goddess of insects and industriousness 

  • Camazotz, god of bats, vampires and the underworld 

  • Cyndor, god of time, infinity and continuity 

  • Dalt, god of portals, doors, enclosures, lock and keys 

  • Delleb, god of reason, intellect and study

  • Fortubo, god of stone, metals, mountains and guardianship

  • Geshtai, goddess of lakes, rivers, wells and streams 

  • Jascar, god of hills and mountains

  • Joramy, goddess of fire, volcanoes, wrath, anger and quarrels 

  • Katay, god of decay, inevitability, order and time 

  • Kundo, god of building, noise, music and defence 

  • Kurell, god of jealousy, revenge and theft 

  • Lirr, goddess of prose, poetry, literature and art 

  • Llerg, god of beasts and strength 

  • Lydia, goddess of music, knowledge and daylight 

  • Meyanok, god of serpents, poison discord, darkness and famine 

  • Mouqol, god of trade, negotiation, ventures, appraisal and reciprocity 

  • Myrhiss, goddess of love, romance and beauty 

  • Norebo, god of luck, gambling and risks 

  • Osprem, goddess of sea voyages, ships and sailors 

  • Phaulkon, god of air, wind, clouds, birds and archery 

  • Phyton, god of nature, beauty, farming 

  • Pyremius, god of fire, poison and murder 

  • Sotillon, goddess of summer, south wind, ease and comfort 

  • Syrul, goddess of lies, deceit, treachery and false promises 

  • Telchur, god of winter, cold and the north wind 

  • Ulaa, goddess of hills, mountains and gemstones 

  • Vatun, god of northern barbarians, cold, winter and artic beasts 

  • Vecna, god of destructive and evil secrets 

  • Velnius, god of sky and weather 

  • Wenta, goddess of autumn, west wind, harvest and brewing 

  • Xan Yae, goddess of twilight, shadows, stealth and mental powers

  • Xanag, goddess of metals and beauty 

  • Xerbo, god of sea, sailing, money and business 

  • Zodal, god of mercy, hope and benevolence 

  • Al'Akbar, god of guardianship, faithfulness, dignity and duty 
  • Damaran, god of vermin and cowardice 
  • Earth Dragon, demigod of earth, weather and hidden treasure 
  • Iuz, god of deceit, pain, oppression and evil (super villain of the Temple of Elemental Evil) 
  • Mayaheine, goddess of protection, valor and justice 
  • Merikka, goddess of farming, agriculture and home 
  • Rudd, goddess of chance, good luck and skill 
  • Stern Alia, goddess of Oeridian culture, law and motherhood 
  • Vara, goddess of nightmares and fear 
  • Wastri, god of amphibians, bigotry and self deception 
  • Zagyg, god of humor, eccentricity, occult lore and unpredictability 
  • Zuoken, god of physical and mental mastery
  • Azor'alq, god of light, purity, courage and strength 
  • Daern, god of defences and fortifications 
  • Daoud, god of humility, clarity and immediacy 
  • Heward, god of bards and musicians 
  • Johydee, goddess of deception, espionage, and protection 
  • Kelanen, god of swords, sword skill and balance 
  • Keoghtom, god of secret pursuits, natural alchemy, and extraplaner exploration 
  • Kuroth, god of theft and treasure finding
  • Kyuss, god of creation and mastery of undead 
  • Murlynd, god of magical technology
  • Nazarn, god of formal and public combat 
  • Tsolorandril, god of wave motions 
  • Vathris, god of anguish, lost causes and revenge 

Celestian is Neutral Good, but his worshippers may be any alignment of good. His sphere of control is stars, space and wanderers. His symbol is a black circle set with seven stars. His home plane is the Astral Plane. His colour is black.

Celestian is also called "The Star Wanderer." He has but a small following in the Flanaess, being revered by astronomers, astrologers, navigators, philosophers, dreamers and others who are interested in the sky and the cosmos. Shrines to Celestian are located in the country, away from city lights, and are often built upon mountain peaks or hilltops with a clear view of the sky. Services to Celestian are held outdoors under a starry sky.

Celestian himself often appears as a tall, lean man of middle years, wearing black garments set with his symbol, often worked in jewels (diamond, amethyst, sapphire, emerald, topaz, jacinth and ruby). His smooth skin and his eyes are ebony. He speaks seldom, and then only in a cold and unearthly whisper, which carries well despite its softness.

It is said that Celestian and Fharlanghn are brothers who followed similar but differing paths.


Pholtus of the Blinding Light is the deity of law, order, inflexibility, resolution, light, the sun, and the moon. His alignment is Lawful Neutral, and his worshippers may be of any Lawful alignment. His symbol is a silvery sun with a crescent moon on the lower right quadrant. His colours are white, silver and gold. His home plane is Arcadia.

Pholtus himself appears as a tall, slender man with pale skin, flowing white hair and bright blue eyes burning with the fires of devotion. He always wears a silky white gown and a cassock trimmed with gold and silver, embroidered with suns and moons.

Buildings consecrated to Pholtus are white. Services include many brightly burning candles, long sermons and choruses of the worshippers' anthem, "O Blinding Light".

Pholtus's priests are most active in cities, where they seek to reveal the light to unbelievers. Clerics of Pholtus are never completely without light if they can help it. Magical light is preferred, but a candle or a piece of luminous fungus will serve if no other light is available.

Some followers of Pholtus claim that he set the sun and the moon in the sky and maintains them in their rigid procession to show all creatures the One True Way, a strict path which allows no deviation but absolutely assures rightness. Such claims are not regarded as doctrine.

The faith of Pholtus often conflicts or works at cross purposes with that of St. Cuthbert, whose alignment is borderline Lawful Neutral/Lawful Good.

Deities associated with non-humans
Some of these deities are also followed in other lists, such as the Forgotten Realms
Greater Deities
  • Corellon Larethian, god of elves

  • Garl Glittergold, god of gnomes 

  • Gruumsh, god of orcs 

  • Lolth, goddess of drow 

  • Maglubiyet, god of goblins 

  • Moradin, god of dwarves 

  • Yondalla, goddess of halflings 

Dwarven Powers
  • Abbathor, god of greed 
  • Berronar Truesilver, goddess of safety, truth, home and healing 
  • Clangeddin Silverbeard, god of battle and war 
  • Dumathoin, god of exploration and mining 
  • Vergadain, god of wealth and luck 
  • Laduguer, god of duergar dwarves 
Elven Powers
  • Aerdrie Faenya, goddess of air, weather, avians, rain and fertility 

  • Deep Sashelas, god of aquatic elves, oceans, knowledge, beauty and water magic 

  • Erevan Ilesere, god of mischief, change and rogues 

  • Halani Celanil, goddess of love, romance, beauty, fine art and artists 

  • Labelas Enoreth, god of time, longevity and history 

  • Rillifane Rallathil, god of wood elves, woodlands, nature and druids 

  • Sehanine Moonbow, goddess of mysticism, dreams, far journeys, death, full moons and transcendence 

  • Solonor Thelandira, god of archery, hunting and wilderness survival

Gnome Powers
  • Baervan Wildwanderer, god of forests, nature and travel 
  • Callarduran Smoothhands, god of svirfneblin, protection, earth and mining 
  • Flandal Steelskin, god of mining, smithing and fitness 
  • Gaerdal Ironhand, god of protection, vigilance and combat 
  • Segojan Earthcaller, god of earth and nature 
  • Urdlen, god of greed, bloodlust, evil, hatred and blind destruction 
Halfling Powers
  • Arvoreen, goddess of protection, vigilance and war 

  • Cyrrollalee, goddess of friendship, trust and home 

  • Sheela Peryroyl, goddess of nature, agriculture and weather

Orcish Powers
  • Bahgtru, god of strength and stupidity 
  • Ilneval, god of warfare and leadership 
  • Luthic, goddess of female orcs, fertility, medicine, healing, servitude, caves and homes 
  • Shargaas, god of darkness, thieves, stealth, night and undead 
  • Yurtrus, god of death and disease 
Goblin Powers
  • Bagrivyek, goblin god of cooperation and territory 

  • Khurgorbaeyag, goblin god of slavery, oppression and morale 

  • Nomog-Geaya, god of hobgoblins, war and authority 

Other Powers
  • Bahamut, god of good dragons 
  • Hruggek, god of bugbears 
  • Jubilex, demon prince 
  • Kurtulmak, god of kobolds 
  • Sekolah, god of sahuagin 
  • Semuanya, god of lizardfolk 
  • Skerrit, god of centaurs 
  • Skoraeus Stonebones, god of stone giants 
  • Tiamat, god of evil dragons 
  • Vaprak, demon lord and god of ogres 
  • Yeenoghu, demon prince and god of gnolls 
  • Surtr, god of fire giants 
  • Thrym, god of frost giants, cold, ice and magic 
Lesser Deities
Dwarven Powers
  • Dugmaren Brightmantle, god of scholarship, discovery and invention 

  • Muamman Duathal, god of expatriates, urban dwarves, travellers and exiles

Elven Powers
  • Fenmarel Mestarine, deity of wild elves, outcasts, scapegoats and isolation 
Gnome Powers
  • Baravar Cloakshadow, god of illusions, protection, deception and hatred of goblinoids 

Halfling Powers
  • Brandobaris, god of stealth, thieves and adventuring 
Other Powers
  • Blibdoolpoolp, goddess of kuo-toa 

  • Grankhul, bugbear god of hunting, senses, surprise and stealth 

  • Grolantor, god of hill giants, ettins, ogres, hunting and combat 

  • Orcus, demon prince 

  • Chizta-Atlan, demigod of centaurs, guarding the underworld and the dead 
  • Keptolo, drow demigod of males, flattery, intoxication, rumor and opportunity 
  • Kiaransalee, drow demigoddess of slavery, vengeance and undeath 
  • Laogzed, god of troglodytes 
  • Urogalan, halfling demigod of earth, death and protection of the dead 
  • Ye'Cind, elven demigod of music and magical songs 
  • Zinzerena, drow demigoddess of deception, humiliation, ambush and assassination 
  • Gendwar Argrim, dwarven hero-god of fatalism and obsession

  • Gadhelyn, elven hero-god of independence, outlawry, feasting and hunting 

  • Roykyn, gnomish hero-goddess of cruelty 

  • Charmalaine, halfling hero-god of keen senses and narrow escapes 


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