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Name Gender Meaning Origin
- M -
Magne M fierce warrior Norse
Maia F brave warrior Maori
Malin M little strong warrior Old English
Malyn M little warrior English
Mandek M warrior Polish
Marcella M God of War; little hammer Latin
Marco M warrior Italian
Martel M warrior of Mars German
Martell M warrior of Mars German
Martin M warrior of Mars English
Marty M warrior of Mars English
Martyn M warrior of Mars English
Mathilda F battle maiden; strength Old German
Matilda F mighty in battle Teutonic
Mayfield M from the warrior's field English
Meadhbh F legendary warrior queen of pre-Christian Ireland Irish/Gaelic
Mentu M patron of war Egyptian
Morani M warrior Kenyan
Mordecai M warrior; war-like Hebrew
Mordechai M warrior Hebrew
Moriarty M sea warrior Irish
Murphey M sea warrior Irish
- N -
Nana M famous Chiricahua Apache leader Apache
Nangwaya M warrior; don't trifle with me! Kenyan
Naois M mythical warrior Celtic
Nassor M warrior; victorious Swahili
- O -
Odysseus M a great warrior in the Trojan war Greek
Ois�n  M name of a warrior hero, and a poet Irish Myth.
Ojore M warrior; man of war East African
Ordway M warrior armed with a spear Anglo-Saxon
Osborn M divine warrior English
Osbourne M divine warrior English
Osburn M divine warrior English
- P -
Pallaton M warrior Nat. American
Paton M from the warrior's town English
Patten M from the warrior's town English
Pattin M from the warrior's town English
Patton M from the warrior's town English
Pisto F an Amazon warrior Greek
Prahasta M the chief commander of Lanka's army; warrior Hindu Myth.
- Q -
Quirina F warrior Latin
Quirinus M Roman war God Roman
- R -
Ragnar M judgement warrior Old Norse
Raiko M a celebrated war hero of the 11th century Japanese
Rama M the Seventh Avatara of Vishnu;  greatest warrior Hindu Myth.
Rinc M warrior Anglo-Saxon
Runihura M one who smashes to bits Rwanda
Rustam M name of a famous warrior hero in Persian legend Iranian
- S -
Sakata M brave warrior Japanese
Samurai M member of the warrior class Japanese
Sashenka F warrior; helper and defender of mankind Russian
Serilda F armed warrior woman Old German
Sgathaich F the Celtic warrior queen Celtic
Shogun M title given to the richest & most powerful lord Japanese
Shomari M forceful warrior Swahili
Sigurd M greatest hero in Germanic legend Old German
Sinuhe M young warrior Egyptian
Skanda M warrior; the Vedic God of war Hindu
Sloan M fighter; man of arms; warrior. Surname. Irish/Gaelic
- T -
Tamerlane M name of a 14th-century famous Mongol warrior Persian
Teutates M warrior; God of war Celtic
Thane M attendant warrior English
Thrythwig M strong warrior English
Titokowaru M name of a famous skilful Maori warrior Maori
Tongea M name of a Chief war warrior  Maori
Treadway M strong warrior English
Tredway M strong warrior English
- U -
Usbeorn M divine warrior English
- V -
Valasca F an Amazon warrior Greek
Valda F spirited warrior Old Norse
Victorio M the greatest leader of the Mimbre�o Apaches Apache
Vidar M name of a warrior Norse Myth.
- W -
Wakiza M desperate warrior Nat. American
Waneta F warrior; charger Nat. American
Warenhari M defending warrior German
Warner M defending warrior; protective warrior German
Werner M defending warrior German
Wido F warrior maiden German
Wigman M warrior English
Wyman M warrior English
- X -
Xena F warrior princess Greek
- Z -
Zandra F warrior; helper and defender of mankind Greek
Zelda F woman warrior Teutonic
Zuberi M strong warrior Swahili
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