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Name Gender Meaning Origin
- A -
Abner M Father of light. Army commander Hebrew
Abrafo M warrior; executioner African
Achilles M mightiest warrior who fought in the Trojan war Greek
Adofo M warrior Ghana
Aello F whirlwind - one of Hippolyte's Amazons. Greek
Aethelbeorn M noble warrior English
Aife F great warrior woman of myth Celtic
Ailith F seasoned warrior Old English
Ainia F an Amazon warrior  (name means "swiftness") Greek
Ainippe F an Amazon warrior (name means swift mare) Greek
Alchesay M great White Mountain Apache leader Apache
Ajamu M warrior; he fights for what he wants Nigerian
Ajani M warrior; he fights for possession Nigerian
Ajax M mightiest Greek warrior in the Trojan war Greek
Akecheta M fighter Sioux
Akin M warrior, brave man African
Akinyemi M fated to be a warrior African
Alaois M famous warrior Irish
Albern M noble warrior English
Alburn M noble warrior English
Alcibie F an Amazon warrior Greek
Alcinoe F an Amazon warrior (name means mighty wisdom) Greek
Alcippe F an Amazon warrior (name means "powerful mare") Greek
Alemana M warrior Hawaiian
Alexander M defender of mankind; warrior Greek
Alfonsia F noble and ready for battle Old German
Alger M clever warrior German
Alkaia F an Amazon warrior (name means "might one") Greek
Alois M famous warrior German
Aloisia F warrior Old German
Altsoba F all war Navajo
Alvar M elf or supernatural army, warrior Old English
Anaba F returns from war Navajo
Andreas M/F warrior Greek
Andrew M man; warrior Greek
Andromeda F an Amazon warrior (name means "ruler of men") Greek
Ansgar M warrior Celtic
Antandre F an Amazon warrior (name means "preceding men") Greek
Areto F famous Amazon warrior (name means "unspeakable) Greek
Ariki M chief war warrior Maori
Arjuna M the foremost warrior Hindu Myth.
Armando M warrior Teutonic
Armina F warrior maiden German
Ashur M warrior God Assyrian
Askari M soldier; warrior East African
Asteria F an Amazon warrior (name means "of the sky") Greek
Atsushi M compassionate warrior Japanese
Averill M boar warrior Old English
- B -
Bali M mighty warrior  Hindu
Baron M warrior; title of nobility used as a given name. English
Barron M warrior; variant of the title Baron. English
Bathilda F woman warrior  Old German
Beadu F warrior maid English
Beadurinc M warrior Anglo-Saxon
Beadutun M from the warrior's estate English
Beaton M from the warrior's estate English
Beda F warrior maid English
Bellatrix F female warrior Latin
Beorn M warrior Anglo-Saxon
Bevan M youthful warrior Celtic
Bomani M warrior Egyptian
Bremusa F raging female - an Amazon warrior Greek
Brunhilde F a mighty female warrior Old German
Bushi M/F name given to all warriors Japanese
- C -
Cadabyr M from the warrior's settlement English
Cadby M from the warrior's settlement English
Caddawyc M from the warrior's town English
Cadman M warrior Anglo-Saxon
Cahira F warrior Irish
Calhoun M warrior Celtic
Cammi F free-born; noble French
Cenewig M bold warrior English
Cenewyg M bold warrior English
Chadwick M from the warrior's town English
Chadwik M from the warrior's town English
Chadwyk M from the warrior's town English
Cheveyo M spirit warrior (Hopi) Nat. American
Chlodwig M famous warrior German
Clancy M ruddy warrior; red warrior Irish
Clodovea F feminine form of Clodoveo famous warrior Spanish
Clodoveo M famous warrior Spanish
Cochise M warrior chief of the Chiricahua Apache Nat. American
Czarine F warrior -
- D -
Dezba F goes to war Navajo
Dima M powerful warrior Slavic
Diomedes M a legendary Greek war hero Greek
Donnachadh M brown warrior Scottish
Donnchadh M brown warrior Scottish
Dreng M warrior Anglo-Saxon
Duncan M brown warrior; dark-skinned warrior Scottish
Dustin M brave warrior Old English
- E -
Einar M warrior; leader Scandinavian
Edson M son of the fortunate warrior. English
Eferhild F bear or warrior maiden English
Eferhilda F bear or warrior maiden English
Eloy M renowned warrior Spanish
Elvara F warrior Old English
Elvey M Elf warrior English
Elvy M Elf warrior English
Eskiminzin M Leader of the Aravaipa Apaches Apache
- F -
Fenyang M warrior; conqueror Botswana
Finian M fair Irish
Finn M fair  (Mythology) Irish
Finnegan M fair Irish
- G -
Galtero M Spanish form of Walter; strong warrior Spanish
Gamba M warrior Zimbabwe
Geraldo M spear warrior Spanish
German M warrior Spanish
Geronimo M famous Apache warrior chief Nat. Amer.
Gervasio M warrior Spanish
Gervaso M warrior Spanish
Gideon M great warrior; feller of trees; powerful warrior Hebrew
Gualterio M Spanish form of Walter; strong warrior Spanish
Gunnar M bold warrior Teutonic
Gunther M battler; warrior German
- H -
Haka M name of dance to prepare warriors for war Maori
Hangaku F strong and beautiful, Lady Hangaku Japanese
Hania M spirit warrior (Hopi) Nat. American
Harb M war Arabic
Harbin M glorious warrior; little bright warrior Old French
Harimanna F warrior maiden German
Harimanne F warrior maiden German
Hector M the bravest and most famous Trojan warrior Greek
Hehewuti F warrior mother spirit (Hopi) Nat. American
Herbert M illustrious warrior French
Herbert M illustrious warrior German
Heriberto M Spanish form of Herbert; shining warrior Spanish
Herod M warrior; hero Greek
Hida F warrior German
Hide F warrior German
Hilderinc M warrior Anglo-Saxon
Hondo M warrior; war Zimbabwe
Hototo M warrior spirit who sings (Hopi) Nat. American
Humbert M famous giant; renowned warrior Old German
- I -
Indra M famous and fearsome warrior Hindu Myth.
Ingvar M warrior Scandinavian
Iphito F an Amazon warrior Greek
Irapeke M name of a renowned warrior Maori
Itaghai F name of a lady warrior Japanese
- J -
Jabari M brave warrior Swahili
Jelani M mighty warrior Swahili
Juh M great Chiricahua leader Apache
- K -
Kamau M quiet warrior Kenyan
Kane M tribute; warrior Gaelic
Karna M name of a great warrior Hindu Myth.
Katene M name of a celebrated scout and Maori warrior Maori
Kemp M warrior English
Kempe M warrior English
Kenway M bold warrior English
Keon M young warrior Irish
Kerbasi M warrior Basque
Khalfani M warrior; destined to rule Swahili
Khalon M strong warrior Afr-Amer
Kiaskari M warrior-like; soldier-like East African
Kijani M warrior; green East African
Kikosi M warriors; group of soldiers East African
Kimball M leader of the warriors Anglo Saxon
Kondo M warrior; war Swahili
- L -
Labhaoise F warrior maiden Irish
Lakshmana M a powerful and excellent warrior Hindu Myth.
Laran M God of War Etruscan
Lokela M famous warrior German
Lonzo M ready for battle Spanish
Lothar M renowned warrior; famous warrior Old German
Louisane F renowned warrior German
Louise F renowned warrior German
Lovisa F renowned warrior German
Loyce F renowned warrior German
Luana F female warrior Teutonic
Ludwig M famous warrior German
Lugaidh M famous warrior Irish
Luijzika F renowned warrior German
Luise F renowned warrior German
Lujza F renowned warrior German
Lutalo M warrior Uganda
Luthais M famous warrior Scottish
Luther M renowned warrior German



















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